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Deposit Policy

Non-refundable deposit required when appointment is made.

Non-cancellation Policy

The non-cancellation policy is in place to respect the time and effort of our stylists. Cancellations with less than 48 hours notice are difficult to fill, and giving last minute notice, or no notice at all, likely prevents your stylist from filling the gap in her schedule.


"No Shows" or cancellations within 24 hours will be charged a $25 fee, cancellations within 24-48 hours will be charged a $15 fee to be paid prior to booking your next appointment. 


In the event you miss 3 consecutive appointments without contacting the salon, you will be unable to schedule future appointments. However, you may considered for walk-in appointments or placed on a daily cancellation replacement list.

Confirmation Calls/Texts/Emails

We know how easy it is to forget an appointment made weeks ago, so out of courtesy, we’ll confirm your service 24-72 hours prior to your appointment via text or email (if we have your email on file). However, it is your responsibility to remember your appointment dates and times and inform us if your contact information has changed.

Late Policy

Our stylist work very hard to schedule the right amount of time for each service rendered. Accommodating late guests often disrupts your stylist’s schedule for all remaining appointments. Please be aware that in the unfortunate event you are late, we cannot guarantee that your services will be performed or completed that day.  Tardiness may require that your appointment be rescheduled for another time or day with may result in a higher price service.


We understand "life happens". If for any reason you are expecting to be late for your scheduled appointment by 10 minutes or more, please call us 214-606-6006.


Child Safety Policy

For insurance purposes and the safety and the comfort of our guests, no child under the age of 12 may accompany you while you are having a service performed.


Most of us working here are mothers, and we love children, but unfortunately we do not have the facilities to care for them and Dep Lashes cannot assure the safety of your child in our professional environment.


If your child is with you during your scheduled appointment, the Dep Lashes' staff and owner will not be liable for any damage toward the health or mental well being of your child whether caused by the child or Dep Lashes staff.


Legal guardians of children under the age of 18 will be responsible for any damage to the salon caused by the child. Our stylists have the right to stop the service appointment if there are too many interruptions or disruptions caused by your child with full payment for the appointment service required.

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