Microblade Eyebrows 

This technique involves using very fine needles to implant pigment under the skin, completed with fine, hairline strokes that look softer and more natural than a traditional, solid eyebrow tattoo. Typically, results from microblading will last anywhere from 1 to 3 years, depending on your skin. Touch-ups are recommended every 12 to 18 months, and if you do not get touch-ups the brows will gradually fade away over time. During the procedure pain is relative and dependent on the recipient. Some feel more discomfort than others, but overall it feels like little scratches; noticeable but not unbearable. A topical numbing cream will be applied throughout the process to dull the discomfort.

Microblading Brow Treatments are Perfect for:

1. Hair loss and lack of definition

2. Thin brows caused by years of over plucking

3. Chemotherapy or Alopecia

4. Scars

5. Lengthening short eyebrows

6. Thickening thin eyebrows

7. Correcting asymmetry

8. Active lifestyles

9. Trouble applying conventional makeup

10. Tricotillomania



Prior to Your Appointment

1. Use mild soap and non-oily moisturizer for several days prior to your procedure. Take normal medications and eat well.  Exfoliate your brows by using your regular soap cleanser and some baking soda to allow the procedure to be applied to new skin.


2. Avoid alcohol, caffeine and ibuprofin two days before to minimize oozing/bleeding or swelling after the procedure. Some people recommend taking Arnica Montana 30ch for a week before and a week after to help with healing. 


3. Do not workout the day of the procedure because it expands the pores.


4. Do not tweeze, wax, tint, or have electrolysis for one week prior to treatment. If you bleach your eyebrows, the chemicals will bleach the pigment as well.


5. Avoid having your brows done when your skin is heavily tanned  is it will result in a blurry look since tanned skin exfoliates and bleeds the pigment into surrounding areas. Ideally, you should have no tan or sun exposure 30 days prior to your appointment.


6. No chemical peels 60 days prior or 60 days after the procedure date. The chemicals used will travel under the skin and fade your eyebrows.


7. No Retinols/Retina-A or other anti-aging creams or serums containing acids 30 days after your appointment. These products will fade your brows prematurely even after they have healed.


8. Any previous laser removal of eyebrows will result in scar tissue and the pigment may not 'take' and may fade prematurely.


9. Re-schedule your appointment if you have any active blemishes or pimples.


10. Do not use Aspirin, Niacin, Vitamin E, Advil or Ibuprofen (Advil) for at least 24 hours, preferably two weeks, prior to your appointment.


The first thing we will do is disinfect the brow area. After that is done, you and the artist will begin designing your new brows as a team. You will be given our professional opinion on what shape and thickness would best suit your face and then asked your opinion, if this suits your vision and what you feel comfortable with. This can take some time as we have to make sure they are perfectly symmetrical and that you are 100% happy.  Please don't be shy in your requests during this time.


The microblading artist will then mark the outline of the brow shape with a surgical marker. With your shape set, the artist will discuss your vision and goals when it comes to color. Most prefer to keep the color similar to the brow hair they already have; others may choose to go darker or lighter than their natural color. For those without existing eyebrow hair, we will usually choose something close to your natural hair color. Underlying skin tone needs to be taken into consideration as the hair strokes, when healed, will be seen through the window of your skin, which affects how we see the color underneath. In addition, when it comes to microblading, the color tends to heal more on the cool side (blues, grays and purples) so your technician will use a very warm pigment color to counteract this reaction. When leaving please don’t worry if your brows have a red or orangey look to them, this will heal to a neutral color tone. 


You may want natural looking brows that you can glamorize with makeup for a night out, or you may want something dramatic right from the start. We recommend you start off very conservatively and go more dramatic in touchups. Additional color, length and thickness can always be added but it is much more difficult to take away. It is important to keep in mind that these brows will be there for a couple of years and so think long term, not trend. 


Once the color is chosen,  we will begin the micro blade procedure. Your artist will choose a blade to best suit your agreed upon style and begin blading. The artist will make a quick first set of cuts to create the outline and direction of the hair. They will then let the pigment “set” by creating a mask with the pigment and then covering it with a plastic film for 5 minutes. The artist will then clean off the pigment and put on an epinephrine lidocaine gel for two minutes to numb the area and constrict the small vessels. Numbing cannot be done effectively until the skin has been broken. During the procedure, the technician may have you sit up a number of times to ensure that there is symmetry when you are in both vertical and horizontal positions. These two steps, numbing and applying hair strokes, will be repeated until your brows are perfect.



In order to let your brows heal well, avoid make up and excess water to the brow area, the gym, sauna or pool for 7 days. 


Please note that on your first appointment the artist will go very light with the pressure of the blade, as going too deep can cause blurring and discoloration, This may cause you to lose some or even all color, this is okay, and is a valuable way for your artist to be able to determine how deep your layers of epidermis are. If you lose all color the artist will know they can go deeper on the touch up. This is a lot better than having gone too deep and having to correct problems, so please be patient as the better results are worth it.


Color will fade and lines soften after your first treatment, the amount varies by recipient. Right after the procedure, the treated area may show redness and swelling, and the color of your brows may appear dark and bold, this is normal. As the tissue heals, it sheds, taking some of the color and line crispness with it. Eyebrows with little hair tend to lose more pigment on the first and second treatment, this is normal. 


Everyone heals differently and retains color differently - some areas may fade more than others and this cannot be predicted. For example, some people with severely oily skin or dark skinned people may find the hair stokes may look powdery instead of crisp. That is why we recommend going lighter until we see the healed results. At the touchup, the artist can go darker, and will fine tune any area that has faded.  But, you may still have to powder or use pencil after, especially for a more dramatic evening look. Think of it as an enhancement to your natural brows.


Additional treatments cannot be undertaken until the area has completely healed. A 4/6 week healing time is required before your next appointment.

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